Dorothy Hanna
 Fine art printmaker and painter
copyright 2018 Dorothy Hanna ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
I am an Irish born artist and have a BA (hons) from Belfast College of Art. After many years working and living in London, I moved to Cornwall in 2003 and now live between the desolate beauty of the moors and the wild crags of the North Atlantic coast. I have had numerous solo and mixed shows in London and elsewhere in the UK and as far afield as Vienna. I have also had  my work selected for several national open exhibitions. I am an elected member of both the 21 Group and the Plymouth Society of Artists. Printmaking: Always a painter, I began exploring printmaking around 2010 and it quickly became central to my artistic practice. I most often make monotypes which are individual, unique prints rather than part of an edition.  I work in layers by applying the inks onto the printing plate before it goes through the press where the marks I’ve made are transferred to the paper. I do this again and again until I feel I have resolved the image I am working on. Sometimes I will include chine collé which is typically a handmade Japanese paper, torn or cut to the shape I want and stuck to the print with rice paste during one of the pressings.  I usually prefer not to use prepared sketches or plans but rather allow the ideas I have to develop as I work and respond to the marks I make and the play between control and spontaneity. Sometimes the most exciting element is when the unexpected occurs during the printing process and I have to find ways to incorporate those developments into the work. Painting: These days my painting is almost always of the sea. For a number of years I have visited Prussia Cove in West Cornwall where the house that I stay in is literally yards from the sea. Its power and drama is ever present; so even if I am not watching the sea its sound is always around me. When it is wild and crashing onto the rocks, I love it the most. Although more often my work focuses on my printmaking, when I am at Prussia Cove the sea imposes itself upon me and I cannot help but respond to it.